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Music can be fun but at times frustrating to learn.  The instructors at Kidz Create Music provide an encouraging and wholesome environment where young musicians can develop and increase their musical knowledge.  Lessons can start as young as three years old!  We adapt our lessons to the pace at which your child learns.  Private lessons taught in your home not only give you the conveniency of time but also will help your child to excel at a much faster rate.  We aim to make piano fun and help kids find the excitement in learning music.

We encourage kids to think outside of the box and find songs they like.  Frequently our instructors will help them to find an easy version of their favorite Disney song, or Pop Artist song, or even new classical song they just discovered!  This maintains their focus and teaches them the pride they can feel in accomplishing a new musical goal.

Some of our teachers are still in school.  The founder, Alexandria Rose, began teaching when she was 15 years old.  Teaching at a young age not only allowed her to support herself through school, but also allowed her to have a great connection with the kids.  She saw it as a benefit for everyone. Student teachers get to do what they love while completing school and parents benefit from affordable rates and a teacher that their child can connect with!


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You'll be amazed at how quickly your child excels and how playing piano will positively influence their personal development.  Our teachers know how to make lessons fun and engaging so that your child takes interests and thrives musically.