Our Music Programs

All programs are offered as in-person or virtual lessons.

At Kidz Create Music we specialize in piano, voice, and guitar lessons. Through a traditional pedagogical approach we are able to give our students a full understanding of music theory in terms of analysis, creativity, and expression. Our students walk away with knowledge of music as a language.

We also pride ourselves in providing an array of music categories to our students. It is important that they be introduced to styles such as classical, jazz and contemporary. But we make sure to provide a way for them to connect to songs they love. Whether that be re-writing a difficult pop song or playing a duet, it is our job to keep your child's passion for music alive!

Please Call For Rates

We require a 24-hour cancellation notice with exceptions to medical emergencies.
All cancellations will be made up and will expire if not used after 30 days.
ALL cancellations will be made up with either a booster lesson or virtual lesson.
Cancellations must be made directly between you and your teacher.
Only one makeup day per month, unless it’s because the teacher has cancelled, in which case you have the choice of an alternative teacher or a make up pass. If the teacher misses more than one lesson, an alternative teacher will be assigned. (Subject to teacher availability)


This is our 5th year of enjoying lessons with Kidz Create Music.  My two daughters have developed a true love of music under the guidance of their wonderful piano teachers.  They have motivated my daughters with their encouragement, engaging personality, warmth and positive approach.  We are happy we found this school and grateful that our house is filled with beautiful music!



Kim L

Kidz Create Music is a wonderful music program for anyone who wants to learn how to play piano. Alexandria and her staff are all incredible people, and make the process fun and engaging. I highly recommend giving them a shot, whether the lessons are for your kids, or for you as an adult. It’s never too late to start lessons!

Jeff Bauer, Keyboard Concepts

My family and I used this music school for a year and a half and the kids really enjoyed the teachers we had for piano and voice lessons (singing). Both teachers Dante and Michael were very patient and great teachers that inspired both our kids in the world of music. We often found our kids playing the piano on their own, not because we asked them, but because they enjoyed music. The teachers were punctual and followed the curriculum of the school. We also enjoyed the recitals planned by the school.

Rex H.