Premier is reserved for advanced musical students wanting to take it to the next level.  Students in this program must have extensive music theory knowledge, as it is an in-depth course with competitive options.  This level is also offered to adults since we cater those classes to the individual’s musical goals.

Premier students’ talents are finessed in this program.  Music retention, critical thinking and expression are brought up to a performance level.  We offer the option to compete in Certificate of Merit, a qualified and accredited educational opportunity reserved only for students who study with an MTAC member.  Participation in CM is something your child can put on their college resumes and use to describe the standards of their musical background.  Guitar and vocal students are also encouraged to perform together in a band or duet setting for our annual recitals.  We pride ourselves on making sure that our premier students are well equipped with tools that will support their musical endeavors for a lifetime.


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