Amanda Myers

Piano Teacher

Amanda Myers is a classically trained pianist who has been studying since she was 10. She comes from a musical family and was inspired to learn piano from her dad, who plays drums. Throughout school, she was heavily involved in a variety of ensembles and styles of music, including Jazz, pop/rock, classical, choir accompaniment, marching band, and orchestra. In her sophomore year, Amanda received her first award in music composition, which encouraged her ongoing passion for composition and music theory. She also participated in the Annual Certificate of Merit Program and completed up to level 9 with a perfect score record and honors. Since then, she has played in several performances including the house band for Al Velasquez’s annual Jr. Drum Recital, The Gala fundraiser for her school, bi-yearly student recitals with her previous music studio, and Jazz band concerts with her previous schools Jazz Band. After graduation, Amanda was honored to receive a full scholarship to the Herb Alpert Music Academy at Los Angeles City College, where she is pursuing a degree in Music Theory and Composition and is super excited to see where her passion in music and teaching takes her!