Jacob Chatfield

Guitar and Piano Tutor

Jacob is currently a student at Long Beach City College studying to earn an associates in music performance. Ever since he picked up a guitar for the first time and played his first few notes on a piano, he was captivated. He was originally self taught in guitar, but eventually took private lessons to hone his skill and music theory knowledge. He has been taking private piano lessons since the age of 4 and has performed in countless recitals.In regards to piano, I took lessons when I was 5 and performed in recitals. He continued his training at Mount San Jacinto College, passing at the top of his class! Jacob has a wide range of expereience in many musical categories such as guitar in the highschool jazz ensemble, wind ensemble in marching band, and also playing tenor saxophone. He’s a unique musician and teacher in that he has a natural ability to play instruments combined with extensive formal training. His passion for music is contagious and he is extremely excited to share his love for music with a new audience!